programming as an art 23rd May 2019, Cluj-Napoca, Cinema Florin Piersic

Serverless testing, the required adaptation
to our testing methodologies

12:00 - 13:00

As developers, we know the importance of testing. The move to cloud-native applications, CI/CD world, and serverless specifically should drive changes in our testing methodologies and mindset. In this session, we’ll discuss the adaptation in our testing processes, so we will release good working software quickly and often.

We will discuss:

  • What type of tests is more important?
  • What is the right environment for the testing activities?
  • What are the tools that can help us?

Let's deliver good software, fast!

Avishai Shafir

Avishai is a veteran developer that led development with several global hi-tech companies. Among his roles, he served as the Chief Functional Architect of HP ALM (Quality Center & Performance Center), leading the HP Mercury ALM architects team and meeting with developers around the world to shape state of the art tools for developers. Later in his career, he managed a line of business at Panaya (acquired by Infosys for $200 Milion) and led a team of product managers at Cellebrite (The global leader in digital intelligence solutions). He is a technology enthusiast.

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